It's a basic human desire to be connected. Connected to family. Connected to friends. Connected to the world around us. At EasyVista, we know our customers, our partners and our employees gain value being connected to each other so we've created EV Connect. Join us to connect, to share, and to gain the knowledge and resources you need to become a hero in your organization!


EV Connect is the frontier of the IT service delivery universe. Join today to connect with your peers who are sharing the same journeys as you. Whether you're new to service management solutions or an expert, blazing the trail into new horizons, those with similar experiences, goals, and expertise are here to help. Join EV Connect members and lead the way as an IT Hero.


EV Connect is the place to connect with people who understand that the days of IT telling end users what they need are over and that the transformation to a new breed of IT is the mandate of the day.

EV Connect members understand generation "E" and can respond to the demand that they expect their services in the same way they get them at home; on demand, via an app, at the press of a button. These are just some of the conversations that our users are exploring with each other.


EV Connect is the place where IT professionals, who recognize that the future of our business revolves around the consumerization of IT, can learn the skills necessary to implement next generation thinking in their business. It is a place where you stop just being 'old school' IT and begin to truly revolutionize the way you think about and deliver IT services in your company.


Become an IT Hero

EasyVista wants to recognize leaders in our field. Earn points and medals to demonstrate your thought leadership in the EV Connect community. Benefit from various programs to reward our most active, committed, and respected members. Help the community grow and thrive and others will look to you as an authority on the subject of IT Service Delivery. Build your personal brand through interaction with your peers.

How to get points and medals

You build points as you participate in the community.

  • +50 points for joining the community.
  • +20 points for posting a new conversation.
  • +10 points for posting a reply or comment.

  • Medals of Honor are awarded based on your total point attainment. When you earn a Medal, it is displayed next to your posts and anywhere you are represented as a member. You can earn the following Medals based on the milestones you attain along the way:

    • 100 Points    -
    • 500 Points    -
    • 1,000 Points -
    • 2,000 Points -
    • 3,000 Points -
    • 4,000 Points -
    • 5,000 Points -