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Detailled Report to extract
(06-19-2019, 07:07 AM)SDignard Wrote: I need a detailled report for all tickets and I need to extract the information is a friendly view.

What would be the best Theme/Parent Query for this and what would be the best way to export the data in order to have a friendly view for users?

Thank you

There is no Parent Query out of the box that allows you to report on all ticket types at once, however EasyVista has put together a set of "Report Accelerators" which are available on their Wiki.  Included is a new "EV All Tickets" Parent Query that is available to download from here ("Export Package - Parent Queries - ALL"):

NOTE: You must be on Service Manager version 2016.1.300 or higher to use these Report Accelerators.
Sarah Schumacher
Service Desk Tool Administrator

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