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How to replace "From" address of an email ?

i would like to know if it is possible to change the "From" email address in an transition action ?

the  email is sent to the addresses defined by the rôle and the "From" address is the user who has done the last action.

I would like to replace it by a customze role or variable.

i have tried but the error is ":
mail not sent : invalid From address #VAR.Requestor_email#

Thanks in advance
lionel.pizot, proud to be a member of EV CONNECT FORUM since Jan 2018.

We had the same problem, because our smpt relay server rejects if mailbox address (name@domain.com) not matches with logged user and password.
And there was no way to do it into Easyvista. I don't know if following versions will support edit this (as i know there are some changes with mail sending features but I have not details).

We solved adding one local mail proxy that allow us do some treatment with mails. This is: http://emailrelay.sourceforge.net/index.html)
Its GNU open source and after several years I think it is very stable.
The emailrelay accepts mail at one server port, stores mail and call some program to do "something" with mail (i.e. call spamassassin or antivirus software) before resend it to your mail server. We use this to change from address whit a simple homemade script that reads all envelope files, replaces lines like "From: XXX" with "From: easyvista@ourdomain.com" and then resends to smpt with its own user, valid for new from address. And also creates some mail sending log daily files to help us, because easyvista logs are not very good tracking mails.

Config is very simple (you have some samples at web).

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