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We have some workflows that have a questionnaire to be filled by the user.

However, when the requests are received by email they go to our group responsible for sorting them to the right technicians.

When the request is received by email, it needs to be requalified to the proper subject. The question is: can we requalify the request without having to fill the questionnaire? It should be only presented to the user and not to our technicians that doesn't have the information needed.

Thank you!
pms23, proud to be a member of EV CONNECT FORUM since Apr 2017.


Try to Check all "For APPS" boxes.



Fabien Milcent, proud to be a member of EV CONNECT FORUM since Nov 2017.


what do you intend to do with the requests once requalified ? If users don't have back office access, they won't be able to fill in the questionnaire on a workflow step.

I would advise for closing the request and specifying to users that such request types must go through self service.

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