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Loan Equipment Wizard Email
Hi There
Are any customers out there using the On Loan Wizard for lending out equipment? We are looking at using this, but formatting of the text in the email that gets sent out is not in a format that is easily readable by users. ( see attached screenshot)
We looked at amending the text, or using database fields or workflow tags in the email, but this has not worked.
We logged a call with support, who informed us that it is not possible to change the formatting of the existing text, or use database fields or workflow tags in the email.
Does anyone have any ideas about how to get around this?

Dean, proud to be a member of EV CONNECT FORUM since Jul 2018.

Hi Dean,

We've created a loaner process called Reservation Center that is extremely easy to use and allows accepting an infinite number of future reservations against your loaner devices. You can see a quick video here:


If you'd like more info contact me at my email below...

Jack Reeder
FMX Solutions Inc.

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