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Dynamic Groups?
I have a workflow where I essentially need to utilize an approval step for the end user(s) to confirm they have uploaded some data before the workflow proceed (its an automation and without the data, there isn't a reason for it to run). The trouble is, that every request can have up to 3 people who can submit this data, but currently, only the recipient can reply to the approval email to advance the workflow.

I'm trying to devise a solution where I can perhaps gather the 3 employee IDs specific to that request and save them to SD Request and then pull those ID's into a custom role so that all 3 people, for each request, can submit the approval. Is this the only practical way to do this? Just want to make sure i'm not over complicating things unnecessarily, so i'm curious if anyone else has had any similar solutions that they wouldn't mind sharing.

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We sometimes use "auto assing" to take control over action owned by other user... Can you do this?? Send the approval step to one user but one of the others can "auto-assign" to himself the approval step an go on..

We only use some like "dynamic group" with CI roles.

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