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Create 2 Incidents from 1 Incident automatically
Is there any way, perhaps via a Workflow step, to generate a separate Incident automatically when submitting an Incident.

We need to have, when a user submits "Incident1" to have EasyVista automatically generate an "Incident2" also.  "Incident1" has a specific group assigned and "Incident2" has a different group assigned.

Hope this makes sense, I can elaborate if needed.
Robert Chaney
Proud to be a member of EV CONNECT FORUM since May 2017.

Yes you can. Use a web service step to create the second incident from the first. You can condition it too, so you may not always need the second incident.

Although my first question is why? You can have multiple actions in parallel going to different groups if the second incident is not needed but you want additional work assign to other groups. This is common with onboarding.

Jack Reeder
FMX Solutions Inc.

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