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Historical reporting on license usage
Cross Posted from EV Voice.  Original poster = LEncinosa

Be able to run a report about license usage, specifically over time. Be able to see if you go over, how often you go over, and/or see if it's a specific time frame.

Response from Steeve Pelchat:
This ability has requested by multiple customer, with some data available through MyEasyVista. It would be an effective tool to help the customers manage their own licensing and make the decision of when to buy additional licensing.

Response from Carl Cortright:
From conversations that I have had with EasyVista trainers, the data exists...see note below:


It should also be possible for EasyVista to provide the background query that is being used for the licenses used view - we would just need to find a way to make that data historical (most likely through a SQL job that could take a snapshot of the current data at set time points).
Evans Martin, PMP  |  Director, Service & Support (North America)  |  Office : +1 (212) 721-2711  |  EasyVista.Com

The Release Manager confirmed that this item will be reviewed as part of the next Product Management meeting, that meeting is expected to happen after the next EV|ITSM major release, i.e. EV2016.

Note. review simply means a review and does imply any immediate changes to the product Smile
Andrew E. Reynolds
Sr. Manager, Professional Services & Support

(11-20-2015, 01:44 PM)sarahschumacher Wrote: I just took a look at the BO_ACTIONLOG table in our database and it is empty. When do things get posted to this table? Do I need to enable something to get it to track the history?

Also, how often does the table refresh out-of-the-box??

Are there any updates for how to enable this log for On Prem users?
Sarah Schumacher
Service Desk Tool Administrator

So we recently ran into a need to see if we need more licenses but I am unable to find any historical data that I can give to management. I contacted support and they mentioned the backoffice table of which i have found the bo_web_action_log semi useful whereas theres nothing under actionlog. It was commented that this went under review in 2016. I went there the service manager updates and didnt find anything pertaining to this. Did I just miss it or are there any updates to this? Thanks!
Lee, proud to be a member of EV CONNECT FORUM since Aug 2016.

Yes we don't have historical data of Easyvista licence consumed (in a easy and understandable version), only real-time data.
In Saas we don't have access to bo_web_action_log and "MyEasyvista" does not provide this information.

ABBE Philippe, proud to be a member of EV CONNECT FORUM since Nov 2015.

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