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Integrate EV workflows - with external REST method to pass attached files to ticket

I'm facing challange to forward into another application attached documents from EV ticket.

I have REST api that can handle and import document from files sistem patch into another ticketing system.

Is there anyway how I can get path of all attached documents - do that I can call REST method from workflow and get them in another application?


doktabar, proud to be a member of EV CONNECT FORUM since Nov 2015.

I don't have any experience with this but maybe this will be helpful. For our on-prem implementation the attached files are stored on our app server E:\resources\50004\Documents. You can use the AM_DOCUMENT table to find the PHYSICAL_NAME. I did notice that image files (png, jpg) are missing the file extensions so you may have to do some magic of getting the file extension from the DOCUMENT_NAME field and appending it to the PHYSICAL_NAME.
zfielden, proud to be a member of EV CONNECT FORUM since Jan 2018.

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