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Transfer wizard not displayed when clicking Assign on Quickcall Service Request
Just throwing this out there in case of an obvious solution. We've had EV for a few years now. We're very happy with it on the whole.

However. From the start, assigning Quickcall:Service Requests has always been a slight pain. We we click Assign on a Quickcall:Incident we get the Transfer wizard and can assign the ticket immediately.

When we click Assign on a Quickcall:Service Request the Transfer wizard doesn't display and it goes straight to the 

The Call has been generated with Number REQ191204_0005.

To access it, click here.

screen, then you have to open to the parent form, then open the Action, then Transfer (If you're in that group. Otherwise you have to run the Assign wizard and transfer that way)

It's always been a bit of a bugbear for me. It kind of makes people (me at least...) sigh when logging a Service Request via Quickcall as the several extra steps are required compared with logging the Incident.

Is this just the way it is for every EV client? Or is there some config / workflow mod we could/should make?
neiljohnson, proud to be a member of EV CONNECT FORUM since Sep 2017.

In the SR catalog add the field "allow changing groups".
Pick an item in the catalog and set the checkbox to "checked".
You should be prompted for the group, defaulting to whatever you've set your workflow.
It is also possible your wizard has been altered.
Visit your DEMO-40000 account to see how the wizard works ootb or monkey around in the sandbox until you get it working the way you want.

Most likely it's just the "allow changing groups" checkbox.

Good luck!
Jack Reeder
FMX Solutions Inc.

Many thanks for this Jack,
  • Added the Allow Changing Groups field to our Generic Request Service Request Catalog item
  • Noted this didn't fix the Quickcall:Service Request initial Transfer
  • Logged into our Demo site
  • Logged a QC:SR
  • Noted that the Transfer function was working
  • Noted the wizard used was PR - Caddy
  • Checked our PR - Caddy in Sandbox
  • The Group and Support Person fields were set to Display = No
  • Set these to Display = Yes
  • QC:SR Transfer now working
  • Woohoo.

Learning points. 
  • This has been 'broken' since almost day one
  • Because RFCs also use PR - Caddy they need to have the Allow Changing Groups added and unticked. We don't use the Transfer feature in Change.

More testing, confirmation, refinement required before we update Prod but so far it's a great success.

Thanks again Jack.

neiljohnson, proud to be a member of EV CONNECT FORUM since Sep 2017.

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