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Workflow On-Hold/Remove Hold Timer
We are trying to build a workflow that has a pause in it, and I've been having a lot of trouble figuring out how to make this work correctly. Here's the steps that we need to take for an example version of this workflow, which is for decommissioning servers in our environment:

Step 1) Assign a task to shut down the server
Step 2) Assign a task to pause server monitoring in our monitoring software
Step 3) Pause for 30 days
Step 4) Delete the Server
Step 5) Completely remove the server from our monitoring software

It's at step 3 where I'm encountering an issue; what we want to do is put the ticket on hold for 30 days, so that it doesn't show up as active or overdue in any way.

I can see that workflows have an On Hold step, and a Remove Hold step. However, I cannot see any way to put a timer or time limit on these.

Has anyone managed to make something like this work?

I don't use the Hold/remove Hold step, I use the below.  I have a file with screenshots and the code that offers more detail than the below.  If you'd like me to send, send me a PM.

I have
Action - '30-Day Wait'
Custom field - 'E_BR_TRIGGER_A'

The Alert looks for that action with no end date and a creation date more than 30 days ago (it runs once daily)
When found, it sets the custom field to '30Day'

A business rule is triggered by the change on the custom field. Since we're looking for 30, 60, 90, 6-months or 1 year for this, I can base the next tasks depending on the value of that field
This particular rule just closes the relevant action so the next steps in the workflow proceed as expected.
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