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EasyVista to Acquire Knowesia
Exciting news! Yesterday we announced EasyVista's upcoming acquisition of Knowesia, an award-winning self-help modeling and guided support software company based in France with operations in the US and customers around the world.
[Image: EasyVista-Knowesia-Acquisition-300x205.png]
To learn how this acquisition supports EasyVista’s innovation strategy to deliver next generation self-service in the enterprise, read the press release: EasyVista to Acquire Knowesia – Transforming Self-Help with Intelligent Knowledge Management

Additionally, we have a blog posted on this topic which details why Knowesia was the right fit for EasyVista and our customers: EasyVista to Acquire Knowesia: 4 Reasons Why It Was the Right Move

Katie McKenna
EasyVista Sr. Manager of Digital Marketing

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