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Hold for all approvals
I have a workflow that uses multiple group approval funneling to one end process. Is there a way I can have the workflow 'wait' for ALL approvals before moving forward? I've tried using AND in the pre-conditions but not all groups are required to approve in each instance. Any help is appreciated.
smith62, proud to be a member of EV CONNECT FORUM since Aug 2017.

Yes you can. You'll need to define which groups (actions in the wf) are required to approve and which are not. For those that are not are they only required to approve certain items and not approval at all on others? In this case for the groups that are conditional you'll need a condition before the group approval action to check if it's required. If it is then get the approval. If not then skip the approval and go to an automatic action called something like "end group 1 approval". This step needs 2 inputs...one from the condition if false and one from the approval when approved. The "end group 1 approval" step has it's inputs set to OR and the step connects to you next process along with other conditional "end group..." steps and the always required group approval steps, with all inputs in the next process set to AND.

The other method is more tricky...if you need 5 out of 10 approvals to move forward you'll need to create a SQL conditional after each approval step that checks if you have 5 out of 10.

Hope this helps!
Jack Reeder
FMX Solutions Inc.

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