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Alert for Incoming Email to Tickets
I know this is possible as last place I worked at had EV and we were able to successfully set up an alert that would email the support person(s) of the ticket when the user would send in an email response to the ticket itself (not a new ticket generated via email). However I seem to be struggling to find any documentation that would steer me in the direction necessary to set up that kind of alert. Does anyone have such documentation I could reference to set up this alert? It would be very helpful to have so that we as a support group at my company know when our users email into their tickets with potentially important information. 

Tony Bozeglav
Systems Administrator
Hyatt Legal Plans, a MetLife Company

Hi Tony - yes definitely possible... I've included one of our training labs below, you'll need to fill in some blanks but let me know your thoughts:

Lab. 5 – Notify Technician on Requestor Email Update
  • Create a Business Rule that emails the owning Technician when the Requestor provides additional information via email.
  • An INSERT condition that is triggered by a new Action of type ‘Incoming Email’ (AM_ACTION_TYPE.ACTION_TYPE_ID = 76) should be configured, the condition is shown below:
  • Configure an Email Notification step within the Related Process
  • Send in an email update for an open Incident that is assigned to a Technician with a valid email address
  • Review the Monitoring History
Andrew E. Reynolds
Sr. Manager, Professional Services & Support

Hi Tony.
Thumbs up to Andrews response.

There was another thread about this about two days ago titled: 

Workflow for Customer Updates
We have a built a "Notify Change" option into our Service Apps which is working great, except w...

Similar advice. Andrews' response gives a better start at the condition to fire the BR (BR definition).

Jack Reeder
FMX Solutions Inc.

Andrew, Jack -

Thanks for the quick response. It's starting to come back to me and appreciate the detail provided. The only remaining question I have before I can begin testing is the role/recipients the email is sent to via the related process workflow. Is there a system role I can reference that will deliver the email to the support persons responsible for the ticket, by way of either the rep or group(s) assigned to an action?
Tony Bozeglav
Systems Administrator
Hyatt Legal Plans, a MetLife Company

Since there could be multiple actions open for a ticket you can create a rule that sets a flag on all tickets meeting the conditions to send the notification.

Next a 2nd BR is created to trigger on that flag. Since the 2nd BR will fire only for one action the role is easy...use the one for the support person of the action (ootb).

Also you may need logic in the BR process to check if there is a technician (DONE_BY_ID). If one exists then send the email to a person. If not use a different email action in the BR process to send email to the group on the action (GROUP_ID). This method allows sending emails to all techs or groups with an open action on the ticket when an inbound email is received. Of course you can pimp out the conditions to meet your needs.

Hope this helps!

Jack Reeder
Jack Reeder
FMX Solutions Inc.

We do this and look for various items. Emails for specific catalogs or emails with specific words in the subject line. Let me know if you'd like a copy of our documented examples which includes the code.
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