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People’s expectations for service have never been higher. As the gap widens between the service experience at work and outside of it, IT organizations are challenged to deliver the efficient, comprehensive, and elegant services to which end users feel entitled. IT struggles because the transition to a modern service provider can’t be built on a rigid, governance-heavy approach to IT. That path leads instead to a proliferation of shadow IT projects—teams and business units helping themselves to the services of their choosing. Shadow IT is fraught with risk—data security, compliance, and massive hidden costs. And the problem is escalating.

EasyVista has a singular focus on reinventing service management for the mobile user, making it easy to deliver and easy to use. The only mobile-first service management platform, EasyVista automates and personalizes service delivery for employees and other end users—without a line of code. As a truly global company with more than 1,000 customers around the world, EasyVista is headquartered Paris and New York with offices throughout Europe and North America.

For more than 20 years, the company has continually refined the product, with modular workflow processes and ITIL best practices in place since 2000, and PinkVerified since 2006. The product has grown not through acquisitions but through the dedicated efforts of a longstanding development team.

Led by the original founders, CEO Sylvain Gauthier and COO Jamal Labed, EasyVista is a company with a passion for providing the best possible user experience, whether it’s an IT manager on a desktop or an employee on a mobile phone. Gartner ranks EasyVista among the top three providers in the world in digital workplace solutions—and it ranks first among those three in terms of TCO.

EasyVista is traded on the French stock exchange under ALEZV:EN.